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In March 2011, Johann Stegmann, an experienced Rife machine user and experimenter, noticed something that completely changed the course of his life.

One of his friends had just bought a new Rife machine. This friend made this staggering statement that the DNA contained in the nails or hair could communicate frequency signals directly to its owner, simply by placing samples of this DNA between the electrodes of the machine, without any cables no physical contact is necessary.

Johann was skeptical. Also, he and his friend have tested on Johann’s daughter, Tania, who is deeply sensitive to energy. To his astonishment, it worked perfectly.

Subsequently, he sought an explanation, and he found that this phenomenon was based on physical foundations.

Albert Einstein called it « spooky action at a distance », spooky meaning spooky, or weird. Modern physics calls it quantum entanglement. Simply put, this means that if a part of a singular system is separated and removed from this system, any action performed on that part will be instantly perceived on the parent system, and vice versa.

Your nails are part of a singular system, and this system is you. So when the alternative signal is transmitted to your nails, its effects will also be communicated to you, and only you, because of the unique identifier present in every cell of your body: Your DNA.

Spooky Remote v2.0

Scalar wave signal transmitter via DNA, Spooky Remote v2.0

Over the next 18 months, Johann continued to experiment and discovered a way to monitor and verify the effects of remote transmissions. In any case, his experiments worked perfectly.

During his work, Johann discovered that many people could never afford to buy their own Rife machines. So he started looking for other devices. He joined forces with technical designer Hank Gigandet, and together they tested many different devices. They discovered that the energy that many of them transmit was hard, unpleasant and inefficient.

They also found some that emitted a soft, pleasant energy, which not only made the « tester » feel good, but in addition these devices were just as good as the best Rife machines on the market.

The device they focused on was the DDS UDB1108S frequency generator. These are very inexpensive, but the software to drive them was written in Chinese and was not really suitable for the specialized work of care by frequency. Johann and Hank then developed their own software (RideUSB) that would meet their requirements.

However, this software had a limitation: it could drive only one generator per computer.

The engineer and developer John White had followed these exchanges with passion and growing interest. After discussions with Johann and Hank, they agreed that John would support the writing of a new software that would not only duplicate the functionality of RideUSB, but also allow the management of several generators, up to 95, managed by a only PC.

The software was Spooky, in its original version. Designed primarily as a Rife system for remote mode, it could also be used for contact mode or plasma mode, if paired with an amplifier.

So, how exactly does the remote mode work? Well, because DNA has two helical strands wrapped around each other, it acts as an antenna that is able to transmit and receive information encoded on energy signals via non-local space . Spooky sends the energy field of the signal to the nail, information that the nail DNA receives, which is relayed instantly via the non-local space to the parent DNA: you.

Spooky 2 , the second version of the software, takes the Rife machine to the next level.

Coupled with the Spooky 2 -5M generator , you get in addition a radically enhanced contact mode and plasma capabilities.

But it remains in the field of remote mode that Spooky 2 really shines. Because with the introduction of Spooky Remote v1.0 or v1.1, we have added the enormous power of scalar waves to the equation.

Scalar waves are so powerful that they can be used to control the weather, destroy entire cities or even cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Fortunately, they can also be put to a more constructive use.

With Spooky Remote, scalar wave bubbles are formed where the DNA is positioned. The waves are difficult to measure by orthodox means. They act as an over-powering signal for both the clean energy of the signal and also for the transmission capabilities of the DNA. The effect is that the signal that reaches the body is clearer and more powerful than if the DNA is used alone.

In fact, not only is the Remote Mode much closer to the immediacy of Contact mode or Plasma Mode, but it also reduces the number of times a program must be repeated and the duration of application to obtain equivalent efficiency.

Non-local space is called « dark » energy (dark because it is outside the electromagnetic spectrum and can not be observed or measured).

Nikola Tesla called it « the spirit of God ». The first man to demonstrate his existence in real experiments using human blood cells and plants was Cleve Backster, a CIA polygraph specialist.

You can read a two-page interview with him here .

And there are four downloadable PDF files of documents and articles on his research available on this page under « Miscellaneous Articles ».

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